Where to dl nd3530A firmware

[qanda]This question is published in the hardware section for the NEC ND-3530A. Click here to view full specs.[/qanda]hey, i’m new to this. i just reinstalled win xp pro on my pc and and the drivers/firmware (dont know what the diff is)Â for the nec dvd rw nd 3530a 102b did not install correctly. the dvd drive plays cd’s, but not dvd’s. can someone please provide me with a link to download whatever it is i need. thanks

@ roadrunner00721,

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Exactly what leads you to believe that the ‘Drivers/Firmware’ for your NEC ND-3530A ‘did not install correctly’?

NEC ND-3530A ‘Firmware’ is software built into the flash memory chip inside your NEC ND-3530A Drive. Reinstalling the Windows XP Pro Operating System doesn’t do anything to alter your NEC ND-3530A ‘Firmware’ flash memory.

The NEC ND-3530A ‘Driver’ is part of and included in the Windows XP Pro Operating System. If your Windows XP Pro Operating System was installed correctly your NEC ND-3530A ‘Driver’ installed correctly.

The most likely cause of your inability to ‘Play DVDs’ lies in the DVD PlayBack software program installation/configuration your are attempting to use and has nothing to do with a NEC ND-3530A ‘Drivers/Firmware’ problem.