Where to check if a song is free?

I have some unusual music, some from other countries, of which I can’t find a cd to buy anywhere on the internet.

So I am curious, how does one know if a music song is under lisence, and can or can’t be traded.

I mean if I can’t find this anywhere to buy, what do I, or what does one do?

if your feeling bad about it you could always donate money to the riaa. :wink:

when i havnt lisenced something i give the money to a charity that does good, and not one that is gonna spend my money on sueing people younger than me :slight_smile:


ps oh… you say it is unusual music, alot of this is from poor countries like india or places in africa, and most of the time “World Music” isnt copyrighted, however why not give to a charity that focuses on the country the music came from?