Where to buy?

Is the LiteOn SOHW-1653 on sale anywhere in the US? If so how much $? I have not been able to find any sellers.

Al in Phoenix

highly recommend www.newegg.com

Checked there as recommended, no listing for that model :frowning:

SOHW-1653S is not available in the USA.

This is why… > http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=109986#fw-33S53S

Do you folks in the know have knowledge then, of the next model after the 1633/1653 that LiteOn may have in the works for the US market and a possible date of release?

Al in Phoenix

Next model should be be the SOHW-1673S; 16x for both +R and -R, plus 8x +RW and 6x -RW. Expected some time in the first quarter of 2005. Don’t have any exact release dates.