Where to buy Verbatim online?

hey guys, can you tell me where the best place online would be to pick up some Verbatim DVD-R’s or DVD+R’s, i know the media id is important, and where the discs are made make a difference, so, who has bought Verbatim lately and has been satisfied with their quality? is Newegg ok or somewhere else, ? thanks

Check Amazon often, sometimes they have really good deal. Supermediastore is having Verbatim on sale, a spindle of 100 is for $29.99 after $25 MIR. Best Buy has Verbatim on sale almost biweekly so you can order online at bestbuy.com. Verbatim media are predominantly made in Taiwan, but sometimes you will find them made in Singapore and India. They are very good quality and the quality is very consistent. Hope this helps