Where to buy Verbatim (max 16x) super azo dye in UK?




I’m trying to find Verbatim super azo discs in the UK. I have a
Marantz CD6000-OSE CD player that is extemely fussy about which brands of cdr it’ll play. I have only found one brand that performs flawlessly and that is an unbranded Verbatim with Super Azo dye (Max 16x). They have a silver top and a deep, royal blue dye underneath. CDRepublic were selling these as comsumer Audio CDR’s until recently. The Gold Moser Baer ones that replaced that particular line aren’t as half as reliable with my Marantz. I burn everything at 4x but it will spit out TDK’s, Taiyo Yuden, CMC’s, Ritek, Moser Baer.

Any Ideas?