Where to buy TY Non-Hub-Printable

I’ve been searching for about 6 months, and I cannot find a source to buy some TY white inkjet printable DVD disks that are not hub-printable. (I have plenty of those.) I’m in the US, and I periodically check all the online sellers I know. Do they not make them any more?

I got some Verbatim non-hub-printable disks, but the print area is larger than I’m looking for (inner ring is smaller - those of you who have them will know what I mean). I’m looking for the same printable surface area as the TY silver printable disks. (I’d also like to find TY or Verbatim silver hub-printable disks, but I’ve long since given up on that idea. I don’t think they exist.)

I remember coming across some TY 4x non-hub-printables many months ago, but I didn’t buy them at the time because I was hoping to find 8x or 16x. I’ve tried and tried to at least find those again, but for the life of me, I can’t remember where they were.

I prefer +R but -R would be ok. I prefer 16x or 8x, but 4x is ok. I’d appreciate it if someone can either direct me to these, or at least tell me definitively that they do not exist. Thanks.

Have you checked www.rima.com?

Rima only has silver in non-hub types. I just use hub-printables, and if you have a non-hub label to print, create a black background to fill in the white space.

That’s what I do too. Either that, or use a silver printable disk. Silver looks cool sometimes, but not always - especially with photos. I’d rather find some good white non-hub-printable media for non-hub labels. I know I can find non-hub-printable if I switch to lower grade media, but I don’t want to do that. Thanks anyway. I’ll keep searching.