Where to buy TY in Europe?

where i find taiyo yuden dvd-rprintalbe original on online shop??’
i live in italy.
and ebaY???bye

on svp costs 85€ including shipping to italy.
iwonatec costs 70€ including shipping.
for you expereinec how is it the price??
where i find them less??

Which ones, and in what quantity?
I can vouch for SVP, I don’t know “iwonatec” at all. :confused:

I too can vouch for SVP. Great service.

I wouldn’t use eBay to buy media…:slight_smile:

I have ordered Taiyo Yuden many times from iwonatec.de

TYT02, TYT03, TYG02 and TYG03, and all have been authentic TY,
with TG, TH, GG and GH serials on the dye side. I highly recommend
them, and they ship fast also.


Yes, can confirm this.
Also have a look at

i think that iwonatec is less expensive than others…do you think it??
are original ty from iwonatec??
is better silver printable o white for my inkjet??

100dvd-r from iwonatec and svp.

I think xmediatrade has the best offers for ty media and yes the taiyos from iwonatec are real.

i look for verbatim dvd-r photoquality printable??where i Find??
what’s mediacode??
what’s the best dvd-r printable with photoquality??


Many shops do have them, including Amazon.
The media code will most likely be some MCC code.
Are you after the best burn quality or the best print quality?

i look for shoponline for europe.
i have buy two type of dvd-r.
a type for quality and a type for print quality of high quality…
for quality dvd-r ty.
for printable???what do you think of this http://www.os-mediatrade.com/product_info.php?products_id=477&XTCsid=84dadcb0d5ea10bb1250fa7cab7e9d63

i preferred buying dvd-r with high quality burning and high quality printable with inkjet,is it exist??

Best printable layer is probably ritek. However incase of -R that would probably mean the infamous RITEKG05 and you don’t want to use G05.
Yeah it prints nice but it has a terrible reputation when it comes to quality.
TY (while it has it’s issues) burns nice is more stable as RitekG05 but it’s printable layer isn’t that good.

Verbatim - Is probably the best of both worlds burns nice in most cases and printable quality is good.

In other words when it comes to allround performance I suggest verbatim.

When you want fancy pictures and don’t care about it becomming unreadable I suggest Ritek.
When you want a disc which will probably burn with the lowest error rate (still a low error rate is no guarantee for long life time !) TY is your option.

You have here an article about this media

Where i find ty original in europe online shop less expensive???
iwonatec osmediatrade
do you know others less expensive??but original ty.

verbatim glossy media code is:
MCC 03RG20 what do you think??is it good product for burn??

Other shops? SVP…

MCC in general is very good media, I think it’s second to the MIJ media (TY, Maxell, Sony…).
You should look for MCC preferably Made in Singapore at MCC’s own factory, or also Made in Taiwan (made by CMC and Prodisc), but you should avoid the Made in India (made by Moser Baer) since they are known to be “different” from the MIS/MIT MCC discs, and can be incompatible to certain burners, as Francksoy found out earlier.

Less expensive?
I think you wouldn’t find much shops, if you want to have quality goods you’ve to pay for. I’ve posted the link for xmediatrade i guess it’s one of the cheapest in europe, except greece there you can find taiyos and That’s by TY very cheap but they don’t ship to other countries in europe.

The That’s media is imported by a company called Disc Impex (http://www.diskimpex.gr), but they apparently don’t have any E-mail address, only a phone number.
If you can find a mail address on their page, please share it with us :bow:

Some Greek online shops do ship to other European countries, if you’re requesting it with a few nice words… :iagree:
The online shops wouldn’t ship larger quantities though. I wanted to import them and sell them in Germany, but the online shops… :frowning:

Incase of large ammounts of TY you could try TY’s official german department.
(Fuerth !) :cool: