Where to buy toshiba m15102

does any one know where i can buy this dvd rom in the uk
i have been to dabs but they only have the m1612 model
is this just the newer version but just as good.
ive been looking for a week know or is there any other drive that is as good or better for reading disk protections i mainly want it too read sd2 disks as my liteon takes a quite a while to read this sort.

hope u can help cheers

Why don`t you buy the 1612 Toshiba…?

It`s much faster then the old 1502,features high speed Audio Grabbing,is 100 % Clone CD compatible and reads every protection on higher speed then old Toshiba DVD 1502.

Take a look at my preview of the Toshiba 1612 under the Hardware Forum some time ago…


thanks yet again im off too order it now thanks a lot

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