Where to buy the best media!

i`ve heard all this hype of taiyo yuden on these forums

i would like to know where to buy them (give me a website which doesnt sells fake , someone w/ more exp etc or if there is anything better than ty)

i dont want to compromise on $ , i just want the best quality,no coasters and best shit out there i want 100% genuine shit

it should be either dvd-r or dvd+r i dont mind if its till 8x (16x looks good too)

since i`ve a sony dru 800 -a w/ ky06 (their own latest firmware)

i got the current sony’s media


( i would like to know if there are any cons about this media and its also exp than other 50 packs out there )

This question has been asked and answered many times.


2 minutes using the "advanced search" feature of this forum. :wink:

i`m sorry but the searchid doesnt last that long , if you can link me to the exact thread

This is where I buy my TY disks, and I am very happy with this company.

Rima.com, Allmediaoutlet.com, Newegg.com, supermediastore.com, meritline.com, and shop4tech.com all sell genuine TY media. +R is better than -R on all my burners.

Do watch out for some that sell based on a TY media ID. If it does not say genuine TY be wary.

I’ve bought from all the above with no problems. Rima, Supermediastore, newegg and meritline have very good reputations. :iagree:

I added Allmediaoutlet because they have Burnmaster +R TY at a good price and they have real customer support people who actually follow up and do what they say, even days after you talk to them. Rima, of course, also has top notch customer service.

:doh: :doh: Oh, crap! Never noticed that, sorry… as I can see, Chas0039 and Ricoman nicely gave you the answers you were looking for… :slight_smile:

thanks a lot guys .

Wait a sec? Are you located in Australia? You posted a link to an Australian site, so I have to ask. All of those US sites are worthless if that is the case.