Where to buy sony DL DVDs

Hi. After searching the forums, I found out the top 2-3 DVDs for my burner. Checked with DVDinfo. Anyway, I am having a very hard time finding Sony Dual Layer +R’s locally, in bulk. Actually, very hard = impossible. They only come in packs of 2. Can anyone suggest an online store that has Sony +R DL’s? I need them in “bulk” - packs of 25-75.
Thanks for any help

I could be wrong but you’re the first person I’ve come across interested in using DL media other than Verbatim. While there are a number of recommended SL brands, the universally recommended DL media is Verbatim.

Thanks for your reply.

I read somewhere here that Sony DL media = made by Verbatim?
At any rate, my drive = Sony/LiteOn DRU-710A.
I tried locating the thread where I read the top 3 media (for my drive) a very long time ago, but couldn’t find it.

What is the Media code/Manufacturer ID of the Verbatim DLs? Would it be the same for Sony DLs if they were made by Verbatim? If I knew the Verbatim one, I could compare it to the Sony one I’ve been using thus far.

MKM-001 and MKM-003 are the man. codes. If Mitsubishi Kagaku Media supplied Sony with DL media it would almost certainly have the same codes.

The Media code/Manufacturer ID for the Sony DLs I have so far is MKM-001. So this is the code I should expect to find on Verbatim DLs? That or MKM-003, correct?

I do not buy anything with sony on it you are supporting a company that tries every way possible to keep you from backing up cds or dvds.