Where to buy? Samsung SH-W162C

Can anyone help me with where I can buy this drive online?

I really having problems.


telling us what country you’re in would certainly help :slight_smile:

Oh sorry the United States

I am also in the U.S.A and can not find drive. Is it any where online?

I am in Asia, and haven’t seen it at the stores either.


Why you want this drive? There are many much better drives on the sale

Just a hobbyist. Already have LG 4163B, Benq 1620/1640, LiteOn 1673 (1693), Pioneer A09, Samsung 552U drives. Would like to try out the SafeDisc performance on Samsung 162 which is supposed to be unparalleled.

Maybe still…

The Liteon 1635s could have the same chipset like the 162C. The question is, will the 16H5S (with LS) a newer MTK-chipset which is better than older chipsets?

Maybe it’s not a good time to buy SH-W162C as Samsung’s next models have already appeared.

I thought the next drives (with DVD-RAM) is avaible on end of this year?

The drive is now available in Canada (and likely the US as well) from www.ncix.com.

I don’t have detailed information, but I saw somewhere (on open webpages) some new models sometime ago. At least one of them had LightScribe. Can’t remember much.

BTW, LG got 72% marketshare against Samsung’s 20% in their domestic South Korean ODD market in September 2005 according to Danawa.co.kr news collected from some of the largest retailers. Quite revealing.

Don´t know the details of marketshare in Germany, but I´m sure LG and NEC sold the most drives.

And my opinion is that LG have better drives, so I don´t wonder why they are No. 1 :slight_smile:

How about the price-differences in South-Korea, are Samsung cheaper than LG?

They are extremely aware of each other because this is a small country and also closed country, closed enough to be nicknamed traditionally as “Hermit Kingdom” where Samsung has the crown and LG has some of the rest of the country. So they always choose the locations of their stores (Samsung’s Digital Plaza vs. LG’s Digital LG) after making sure of the other’s locations. LG knows very many (domestic) consumers think LG ODDs are better than Samsung ODDs and Samsung knows it, too, so Samsung sells just about 10-20% cheaper than LG if LG has already released and LG sells just 10-20% more expensive if Samsung has first released. However, there are often resellers and traders that try to distribute drives meant for export (to US, China, Europe, etc.) because of great price differences between domestic (DOM) and export so it sometimes could be that LG’s “back-imported” drives become cheaper than Samsung’s DOM drives. Since very few prefer Samsung, not many retailers seem to carry Samsung’s back-imported (or bulk) drives.

The trend is, as Samsung succeeds more in memory semiconductors, Samsung concentrates more brain power and capital building newer productions lines and on more R&D to keep ahead of, 2-3 generations ahead, everyone elese in memory semiconductors. So ODD’s even more forgotten now. LG can’t do that because ODD is practically the only area in IT and computers where LG is No. 1. I once wrote at a Storagereview forum about how Samsung wants to be No. 1 in the storage business from memory chips to 5-inch disks. Samsung has very firm plans to invest over 30 billion USDs in memory chips which should lead to generating at least 100 billions by around 2010 but seems reluctant to do what Plextor or BenQ has done with ODDs. But so many of past forecasts from so many experts of economics and technologies failed to imagine the present so it’s difficult to see what’s ahead along with Blu-ray and HD-DVD.


So Samsung concretrates to the memory-chips-market? That is clever, I guess, because I like Samsung RAM-chips much more than their ODD- or HDD-products (bad experiences).

Not long time ago I read that Samsung with make aggressive prices for ODD to get stronger in this section.

Personal preference:

Samsung memory: top (a little more expensive than others, but nothing else can compete)
Samsung HDD: not fast but reliable and only maker that lasts forever
Samsung ODD: only advantage is that it has “Samsung” logo which counts perhaps only in a small market like South Korea

Samsung group which includes food, oil, retail, apartment, credit card, hospital, university, department store, electronics, door-to-door, international trade, automobile, space, defense, semiconductor, computers, etc. generates about 130 billion USDs (revenues) yearly. That’s not much by US or European standard but it’s still half of what world’s largest company (GM or Exxon or Walmart?) records. Out of that 130 billion or so sales, Samsung makes profits of a little over 10 billions and practically 100% of the profits come from sales of memory chips and mostly exported. Over half of the profits also go into the hands of shareholders of non-Korean nations, especially US investors, but also largely to Japanese equipment makers like Mitsubishi. So you can understand why Samsung group can ignore their ODD business. LG hardly makes any profits by selling those over 50 million ODDs in each year. None of the Japanese companies does that kind of businesses because of that reason though everyone of them has better technologies (than LG.)

Yes, understand.

But I thought that monitors and TVs are a important part of Samsung

The answer to the original question (where to buy SH-W162C in the U.S.):

http://www.ewiz.com/detail.php?name=DRW-162WB (beige)
http://www.ewiz.com/detail.php?name=DRW-162BB (black)

It’s the only DVD-writer I know that can write SD3.1

The Liteon 1635S have the same chipset, I guess.

I don´t know why SD3.1 is an argument for the Samsung :eek: newer SD3.x are make problems with the 162