Where to buy Retail Kit in the UK

Hi all,
I’m trying to find an online retailer in the UK that sells retail versions of the LG GSA 4163B with a black front cover,any ideas. The sites I’ve tried all supply OEM versions. I’d appreciate any links. Cheers.

PC world was selling retail versions in their stores for £49.99 and on their site. Also Dabs.com sells them. The retail version of the 4163B (£44.06 inc VAT) is here = http://www.dabs.com/uk/channels/components/cdanddvdreaderswriters/dvdwriters/productView.htm?quicklinx=3LYG

A little tip to differentiate most sites have a code if the code for the drive is GSA-4163B its retail

If its GSA-4163BA



This usually indicates an OEM drive.

Thanks for the tips Quakester2000. I had seen the one at Dabs but it didn’t have a description available so I wasn’t sure what version it was. The tip on the last letter of the model number is very useful, many thanks.

Did you not notice that the drive description was DVD±R/RW 16x Dual Layer Ret. Anyway glad i could help you out.

You’re dead right, it is listed as RET, I missed that. Thanks again.