Where to buy Philips DVDR1668?

Is anyone selling Philips DVDR1668 in USA? Thanks.


I am not sure, if these drives were sold in USA at all. Here in Germany, you could find at least the 1660 (same drive, without Lightscribe) in some local shops like Staples.
You might try to get a Benq DW 1655 (or one of its rebadges), this is exactly the same hardware as the Philips, and there seem to be still some of these available.


Thanks. I already have BenQ DW1655. I really like it. I liked the front cover of Philips driver,
so I would like to buy that one if I can.

Maybe Philips DVDR1668 are (or were) only available in Europe.

I buy a DVDR1668 in France in January 2007, and it was expensive (60.90 euros) and hard to find (newer Philips models are Liteons).

I read about the Liteons, but I think they are only available in Europe too. Thanks.