Where to buy online DL DVD media in The Netherlands?

Dear Friends,

I would like to know whether there is an online shopping site located in The Netherlands which offer Verbatim or equivalent quality DL DVD.

One of my friends is there now and will come back to Turkey this weekend.

I plan to buy DL DVD online and have the items delivered to my friends address in The Netherlands.

Thanks in advance :flower:

Check for your DL request www.ddvd.nl
Option is the Samsung’s, that is Ritek production

Thanks for your kind reply.

When I checked the prices on www.ddvd.nl, I was suprised about the prices.

I was expecting lower prices as 2 usd/disc for Verbatim as they are in USA.

Do you think that these higher prices in The Netherlands respect to USA are normal or just because of price policy of that “abnormal” web site ?

Blank media are taxed heavily in Belgium / Netherlands. Suggest you buy from Germany or other location.

:confused: this is too bad

So, I will have to search the ways to buy from USA again.

If you can figure out how to do it without getting raped on shipping charges, then yes. The USA has among the best prices in the world on optical media. That and that site listed above only has Ritek made D/L (Gag). The thing to do would be to find a buddy in the US who could get in on the best buy sale this week $35USD for 20 Verbatim D/L discs (possibly less if they use the discount coupon) and then have them ship them to you.

Thanks for the update about Bestbuy’s prices.

Fortunately, I have an old friend who lives in New York.
I will buy some Verbatim 20-packs to be delivered his address in NY.
That will make him able to ship these items to me by USPS Air Mail for which the shipping rate is reasonable for me.

If they happen to be out of stock, you can also order from newegg. If you are ordering them, then it might actually be just a hair cheaper after factoring in the shipping costs.