Where to buy Mitsibushi DVD Media in USA?

Hi,From the testing results of the forum and some information of DVD forum in China,MItsibushi DVD media is an excellent media for DW1620.But I find it is difficult to get it in local store or online.Do you guys have some purchasing information for that or its oem products?

Staples has Teon brand 8x dvd+r which can be either mcc003 or cmc mage01. The way to tell the difference is the discs are mcc003 if the cake box has foam spacers at top, and they are cmc mag e01 if the discs are flush with the top of the cakebox.

Blankmedia in Canada ships to US and they have Verbatim (MCC 003), as well as Taiyo Yuden and many more. They also carry Ink Jet Printable for use with Epson R200/300 as well as the ink.


thanks all,guys!
I got the Teon DVD+ R from staples this FB.But its quality isn’t stable as I image.Sometime it isof high quality and sometime it has horrible result.I geuss the media in Mitsibushi brand name is better?

Almost all Verbatim that you can find at local stores (BestBuy etc) has media code MCC (Mitsubishi Chemical Corp). Verbatim +R 8x = MCC003, Verbatim +R 16x = MCC004. I found that MCC004 is the best for 1620.

Verbatim is MCC’s brand name for the US and Europe, so if you want Mitsubishi media that’s the best way to get it.

Don’t know about DVDs, but I’ve come across lots of Verbatim branded CDs made by MoserBaer India… anyone else seen this? They don’t look like fakes, they rather look more like Verbatim trying to cut costs… :frowning:

I got it!Thanks all.

how good is the quality of Ink Jet Printable ?

Rima carries Verbatim now. They will be able to tell you the media code.


Doesn’t surprise me. You’re also likely to find CMC and Prodisc, as Verbatim uses those manufacturers to make many of its discs (even ones with proper MCC media IDs).

I found a pretty good deal on Verbatim 16x at http://www.supermediastore.com. 25 cake box was on sale + 15% off + $10 rebate. Came out to $8.70 before shipping and tax ($0.35 per disc). Even after shipping and tax it came out to $0.48 per disc.

Hmmm, just looked at their site and don’t see the 25 packs anymore but they do have the 8x 50 packs.

I have found the Verbatim and Taiyo from Blankmedia to be excellent, between 95% and 99% on Nero quality.

16x is still there: http://www.supermediastore.com/verbatim-16x-dvd-r-plus-r-dvd-95033-25pk.html

BTW, the Verbatim 8x media (which is MCC003) will burn great @ 12x on the 1620 with the right firmware. I am not sure which firmware the 12x capability started but I know B7P9 and B7S9 both support it.

And, I just received/tested my 16x media. A 12x burn only takes ~10 secs longer than a 16x burn so I wouldn’t bother spending the extra money for the 16x media.

Here is a link to the 8x media but I wouldn’t buy it at that price. The link is only supplied as a reference so you can get the part/model number. I bought the same 50 pack spindle at BestBuy for $20 a couple weeks ago.