Where to buy lightscribe DVD-r who ship to Europe?

I bought a dvd burner that supports lightscribe, and I would now want to buy a 50 or 100 pk of Lightscribe dvd-r in the US or other places. I live in Europe so it has to ship inernationally.Here I live they only sell 5 at a time, and it gets really expensive.

Thanks a bunch if you could post some links to places i can buy from!!

Why not just buy a cheap printer that has a CD/DVD printer tray, and then buy the much cheaper inkjet printable CD/DVD versions locally?

Lightscribe is NOT popular because it’s expensive, and quite frankly crap, compared to a decent inkjet printed label.

Do not get those separate adhesive labels that you must stick to the cd/DVDs later. They cause… issues.

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