Where to buy HS CD-RW in the US?

I am looking for online or B&M retail stores that carry 700MB HS (10-12X) CD-RW media. The only ones I can find are Memorex and I am trying to avoid them like the plague.

Does TDK still make 700MB 12X CD-RWs? Both www.cdw.com and www.bestbuy.com have them backordered or not available. I can’t seem to find any Jensen, AOpen, or Verbatim ones either.

There’s a reson why they’re hard to find…they cause lot’s of problems with high error rates. The HS media is all marginal, at best, 700MB is just that much worse. Any that you do find will likely be Infodisc (Memorex) or CMC, including the TDK.

Thanks for your comment.

I went to my local Target store and bought some TDK 10X 700MB CD-RWs. I’ll try an few write/re-writes and see how they turn out. I also bought some TDK 4X 700MB media to see if they are more reliable.