Where To Buy DVR-110?

I’ve been looking all around but can’t seem to find a definate DVR-110 (not D). Most online descriptions are a bit misleading as to a DVR-110 or DVR-110D.
If anybody knows where I can buy a DVR-110 online I will give many thanX :slight_smile:

ThanX :wink:

They are actually the same exact drive, which can be crossflashed! So get the cheapest. Also the latest ASUS drive 1608P2(s) is the same drive and cross flashable. :slight_smile:

There is also a third firmware available that allows bitsetting and ram support, from buffalo.

ThanX for the reply :smiley: I guess I’m just kinda anal when it comes to certain things (wanting only the DVR-110).

Peace :eek:

The true retail XL versions are hard to get in various countries…
But the 110 and 110D are available almost everywhere, sometimes appearing as retailed versions under names like dvr-610 and dvr-100… or as OEM by Asus, see above.

Just grab one of them and crossflash if you want. :wink:
A great crossflash guide by zebra is available at speedlabs.org !

Does not look like DVR-610 support DVD-RAM

Your right it doesn’t, but like chef said it can be crossflashed :slight_smile:

If the 110 & 110D are the exact same drive, why did the CDFreaks review seem to rate the 110 better? The 110 got the safe-buy award & the 110D did not.

Another firmware can make a big difference. :wink:


Where not to buy is Americal.com. They advertise the 110 but send you the 110d. When you send it back they charge a restocking fee and say there is no such thing as a 110.

That’s really bad!

But luckily crossflashing is possible.

Same issue at ZipZoomFly.

Their site calls it a DVR-110 (DVR110BLACK), but they ship a DVR-110D. If I’d have read the unit features in detail I might have seen that DVD-RAM wasn’t listed, which may have clued me in, but I didn’t because I was only looking at the model number (like a smart geek).

I’ve used pioneerelectronics.com site to let them know this is a real problem – the vendors/retailers don’t even know there are two different model numbers with different features. I suspect they assume the D is a color code, and therefore drop it, not realizing its a different unit.

What a PITA, I tell ya…