Where to buy dvdr1640p in us

title says it all anyone know

I’m sorry to be so negative, but I wouldn’t touch this drive with a barge pole until Philips start sorting the read / burning issues.

They are offering no support web or phone based.

I am still awaiting a call after contacting them last week…

Shan’t hold my breath.


Firmware 2.2 solves a few problems, but the bottom line is that this burner is a weak product compared to Pioneer DVR-108 or NEC ND-3500A. I am testing more than a dozen burner right now, so this is my own experience… :frowning:
About Philips support: today you cannot find the fw 2.2 on the Philips site (you can aquire it from other sources, what a shame) but the PDF document attached to the firmware file says that 2.2 was already finalized at 22 september 2004. Then why it is not avalaible at their own online support center?

If you want a Philips based chipset go with the BenQ DW1620.

Already have two 3500a I would like to test this other drive… I have already downloaded the 2.2 f/w f I ever find the drive.

I have never seen the Philips drives available in the US.
Supposedly they are hardware identical to the BenQ’s.
I know it would be cool to have the fancy led’s though…
I think BenQ does a far better job of firmware support than Philips ever thought of doing.