Where to buy DVD+RWs (ship to USA)?

Found tons of places to buy +Rs and -Rs from, but I want +RWs. All the specials i’ve seen have been crap for the rewriteables.

What’s a good site to buy DVD+RWs if I want to write them at 2.4x ? I’ll be shipping them to WA where i live…


+RW speeds of 2.4 are all but obsolete. I have had good luck with Ritek 4X made by Ricoh and Verbatims. I would check with Rima.com, Amazon.com, supermedia.com, and Meritline.com and see what they have. There is not much left out there that is good so be prepared for some work.

I used to get the Ritek Ricoh +RW that chas mentioned at Newegg. But they don’t seem to carry them any more. Newegg does have TDK DVD+RW at about the best price that I have seen on-line. I’ve not used these myself so I cannot speak to their quality. Just happened to notice them when looking for the Riteks.

I’d like to know where to find 8x DVD+RW’s. I know they exist because they’re listed in my 1640’s firmware.

Early scans I have seen look worse than anyone would accept so I would not be in a hurry. Fairly soon that will be the only option available and most of us will probably wish we could find the good old 4X, at least until they put some real work into the firmware. Of all my drives, the NECs are the only ones that actually produce decent burns on the 4X stuff.

I can’t make good copies from files made on +RW to 4x media to +Rs or -Rs to many errors

Wo!!!, people live in other parts of the world have problems finding blank media, how can you have problems finding blank in the US??? Unless you are living in Rural areas

well as someone who’s lived in the US < 4 months i’m not one to talk, but my initial feeling is because things are SOOO spread out here, store-wise. Everything’s got it’s own store, and stores that “sell everything” (Best Buy, Walmart, etc) either have crap selectoin or crap prices.

In canada where I used to live there were more stores that had a wider selectoin with better prices…

but yeah, i’m reading through this thread, thanks everyone for the suggestions. I’ll post back when i’ve bought some and tried 'em out…


Ended up buying from amazon.com, $32 including shipping from a 3rd party reseller (ant_online or soemthign close to that). Verbatim 4x 4.7gb DVD+RW, not bad at just over $1/each for +RW. We’ll see how they are… I have some other verbatim +RW and they’re great!

Pass on the media ID and some scans, if you have a Liteon or BenQ. With Ritek going down the drain Verbatim seems to be the only quality choice left.

i’m afraid my burner is the pioneer a06. Can I still do any media scans that woudl help you / others?

Not really, but pass on the media code. Thanks.