Where to buy disassembled jewel cases?

I’m selling burned CDs of <a href=“http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/mdcrawford”>my piano compositions</a>. Presently I’m using slim cases with only a front insert, but I’d like to move to full-thickness jewel cases with a tray insert that would be visible from the back.

But when I shop for jewel cases online, I’m only able to find fully-assembled cases. What I need are cases that are either completely disassembled, or that only have the front and rear covers connected, with the tray not installed. That way I can place the tray insert into position and then snap in the tray.

Surely there must be someplace to buy bulk quantities of such cases? Or is there a standard term for disassembled jewel cases, that I could use in a Google search?

It’s enough work just to burn my CDs, then print and cut my labels. I don’t want to have to pry out the trays as well. I’d likely break most of them.

Thanks for your help.

With a little care, the trays will not break, even I can do that :wink:
Just get some high quality cases and everything should be fine.

I was about to say “it’s easy”, but having nearly broken a thumbnail and still not shifted the one I picked up…

The only ones I got in a dissasembled state, from a computer fair, were some completely clear ones. Of course, with clear, you want a back insert thick enough to prevent show through, or you could print the back insert double sided.

Rima (remembered the name as it’s mention often, as a supplier of genuine TY)
You can order packs of the case (box only, no tray) in 100’s, and a clear or black tray (in 400’s).

Matth, thanks a million. That looks like just what I need.

I’ve been thinking of using a clear tray so my tray card could be printed on both sides. I hadn’t thought about show through. My wife picked up some card stock for me to try printing inserts with, so I’ll use that.

BTW, I asked on CD Baby’s mailing list, and they volunteer in the collection of used CD cases. They offerred to give me TWO TONS of them, as long as I picked them up from their office in Portland, Oregon. If anyone else can use them, I can hook you up.

It is quite easy to remove the disc holding section. Open up the case and place you thumb on the outside corner (away from the hinge where the case opens) and gently push down. The corner should pop out and from there it is east to remove the interal disc holding section.