Where to buy CMC Magnetics media?

Looking for disc brands that use CMC Magnetics media mainly to try and test with. I know the NEC drives love them and am not sure how my BenQ will play with them or not - I’m assuming pretty well! I know Memorex, TDK, and I guess HP uses CMC Magnetic dyes, are there any other brands that aren’t necessarily name brand that I can get that you folks recommend?

If you live in the USA. Staples has the Teon brand right now for $5/20 pk.

Hmmm, thanks rolling56. Not too bad of a deal - I’m assuming that is an in-store deal only and not something that I can buy them for online?

You can get them online too, they’re listed at $12 though and you have to put a coupon code in for them to be $5.

I’m not sure why you would want cmc unless it is the 8x ones. Value disk (marketed by khypermedia) is normally cmc. Office max runs them on sale all the time. Phillips 8x+r media that I have been getting latlly at circuit city have been cmcmag e01 (made by cmc with philips dye).

Teon CMCs seem to be of fairly good quality, at least for the 8x. CMC seems to have cleaned up their act somewhat. Besides, the Teons at Staples are $0.25/ea which is too low a price to pass, regardless of quality (well, unless it’s Princo). :bigsmile: (I mean, that’s just a few cents more than what I’d be paying for a CD-R!)

Value disk (Khypermedia) are CMC MAG F01’s i believe. The Teons are CMC MAG E01’s. The +R’s are anyway.

I would agree with the 8x being beter media (though he seemed like he wanted to try several cmc types which is why I made that coment). I am not sure if cmc has improved the 4x and slower media but even if they have, there may be some older production 4x floating around out there that is still crap. As far as the 8x stuff, I got a 50 pack of phillips cmcmage01 and they kprobed so well I bought 100 more. I also got 100 tdk cmcmage01 and if they work as well as the philips branded stuff, I plenty happy with them. They defanatlly seem to have improved quality with the 8x disks at least.

i know i bit the bullet and purchased a few at 3 bux per 40 pack at staples and they seem to work perfectly yet people are saying they suck i burn them in my trusty Pioneer DVR-105 fine at 4x
i also have burnt many princos w/o a hitch when ppl were saying they were junk whats going on here

Even if you get princos to burn ok, the dye can fade fast rendering them unreadable. As far as the 4x and slower cmc stuff, I have just gotten too many coasters to trust buying it again. While my 3500 is seeming to burn the cmcmagaf1’s that I have acceptablly, why settle for acceptable when you can get exelent cheap? I do consider the 8x+r’s exelent media and will continue to think that till I have a reason to think otherwise. They have been consistantlly burning and scaning as good as ricoh or ty for me.

officemax has the khypermedia on sale. i would goto store and see if its the 8x, witch are cmc mag. $10.00 for a 50 pc cake box.

Anyone notice on the black friday deal that the rebate slip for the teons list them as khypermedia teon dvds? Is teon a division of khyper?

It wouldn’t suprise me. I think they do value disk too.