Where to buy Cheap HQ DVD-DL Media in UK

Can someone please recommend a place and brand where i can get some good high quality DVD dual layer media here in the UK. I would like a pack of 5-10. I looked at SVP and they are selling blank Verbatims for £4 each which is rediculous in my opinion.

Is there anywhere youd recommend i could get something cheaper and still good for burning a movie vob files on.

Thank You

Cheap DL media that is good quality generally doesnt exist, all DL media is over priced, even the poor quality stuff.

Try http://www.dvdshoponline.co.uk/Double_Layer_DVD_R_Blank_Media.html prices start from as low as £1.99 !

I use an LG DL recorder for my PC but just purchased the Sony DL recorder from DABS.COM.

Only use Verbatim DL!

Buy cheap DL and you’ll regret it forever.

DLs aren’t that “expensive” anymore, latest prcies for Verbatim DL are under $3 a piece. Not far away they were around 10 bucks…

you can’t get cheap HQ dvd-dl in the uk the only way you get cheap HQ dl’s is to go shoplifting :stuck_out_tongue: