Where to buy blanks in US

I’m looking for a 100pk of dvd+r or dvd-r… I’ll take 4x for now, since 8x is still quite steep. Where’s the best place online to buy them for cheap? Should I go with Ritek G04 for $80, or spend another $20 to go with Memorex… or can you guys suggest some others for less than $100 that are decent quality?

Someone mentioned good quality burns on Ricoh 8x… but where can I find these, and how much?

Remember… I need to ship to US.


Get your butt over too officemax sunday 100 pack arita 2.4x which burn at 6x for $70, there ricohjpnr01’s, burn at 8x on my plex, also officedepot online has 100 dvd+r memorex for $80
month ago these were $40 after rebate ohh well…they even subbed 100 imation’s for the same price!!,so if there out of arita make them substitute another brand.

Memorex DVD Media Sale 100 pack $79.97, Mar 26
Code: 65421183 Memorex 2 x 50 pack = 100 pieces of DVD Media are on sale for $89.97x2 - $20 in link - Buy1 Get1 Free code: 95749527 = $79.97 shipped free. Add 2 of Item 460495 for DVD-R or Add 2 of Item 936136 for DVD+R Media. Add $10 of non tech items to qualify for coupon.

Fatwallet has a helpful DVD media price thread that has been getting updated regularly.

Only problem is they don’t list Taiyo Yuden, use rdgrimes link above for TY.