Where to buy blank CD-R with preprinted designs



I live in Seattle Washington. A year ago, I went to Bangkok Thailand and visited the infamous Pantip Plaza. While there I purchased blank cd-r’s (Monarch brand, 80min/700MB 24X speed) with a design of a beetle on it. I found the discs in red, blue and white.

I saw other blank cd-r media with other pre-printed designs on the front of the disc, flowers, hearts, etc.

Does anyone know where I can buy more of these type of blank discs? I like making home song discs for my friends, and all we have here in the USA are boring, ugly blank cd-r with huge logos on them.

Anyone can help? I’d really appreciate it.

Yours truly,
Nadja Dee
Seattle, WA


Not sure where to get those in the US, but SVP.co.uk has a few discs with pre-printed designs, like these: http://svp.co.uk/products-solo.php?pid=109

Can you tell us the manufacturer of those CD-R?


Datawrite Scribbles are another “fancy” media, or maybe just a way to make a feature out of an overprint?

(That black on silver cannot be an overprint).

Overprinting is used to disguise the origin of media, so it does not compete with (if good) or discredit (if bad) the original brand it was made & marked up for.


I remember that there are also Mitsubishi Uki Uki CD and DVD discs in Taiwan and Hong Kong. Those are Prodisc.

Occasionally, some companies will also release special series of discs to commemorate a special event.
During the World Championships (soccer) this year, Sony and BenQ released soccer-themed discs.

You may also want to try some printable CD-R :slight_smile:


There’s also Maxell Design Series:


Fuji TY discs with colored swirls are still available in USA stores if you hunt for them.


Memorex sells discs with different colored tops and Verbatim has a line that looks like a vinyl record.


I believe the manufacturer is Monarch. It’s the only name I see on the disc. They are really neat. The others were the same design, but one was printed on a red background and another with a blue background. Now I wish I had purchased more of them for various home projects. But THANKS FOR ALL THE TIPS! I found some of the Maxell Design Series…which helps!
Nadja Dee


I mean, the real manufacturer (like Ritek, Daxon, CMC, Taiyo Yuden?) behind it.
You can look up the real manufacturer with Nero. Go into Recorder - Disc Info, and press the Refresh button while holding SHIFT enabled. It will tell you the real manufacturer. :slight_smile:


I need help finding Blank CDR Tops

does anyone know where to find on internet or in the isa?

please help.


i dont have printer and need to make personal organized file cds with flair :slight_smile:


[QUOTE=tonyberry;2688001]I need help finding Blank CDR Tops

does anyone know where to find on internet or in the isa?

please help.[/QUOTE]

Hello tonyberry, welcome to the forums! :flower:


Does one of you know if this Maxell design series is from Taiyo Yuden ?


@oldburny, I sent you a PM already but in case anyone else is wondering, the Maxell Design Series 1 appears to be made by Ritek in Taiwan (ATIP 97m15s17f).


This leaves the known Maxell discs made by TY as being Maxell CD-R Pro (USA) and Colour XL (Europe) series (as well as certain Japan-only SKU’s).


Yes. A Hungarian forum moderator writes the same.

YvsMad #2
"Special Disks:
Maxell Design Series 1 CD-R 80
Made for the US market, special color discs for PC writers are not available in Europe!
Material: Ritek
Writing speed: 4-40x"