Where to buy black retail DW1650?


I am looking to buy black BenQ DW1650. I live around Los Angeles, CA. Newegg has a good price on
it for $42 including shipment and tax but only carries OEM bulk. I am worried that they sell return
items as OEM. So, I would like to buy a retail. But, I could not find any retail even on Ebay. It
seems pretty strange.

Newegg carries retail DW1655 but the price is $54. I do not need Lightscribe, so I do not want to
pay the difference…

Do you know where to find retail DW1650 for around $40 maybe as another rebranded model or
maybe coupons to drop down the price on Newegg for DW1655?


[b]COMPUSA has the NORWOOD MICRO 16X dvd burner on sale right now which is a rebadged BENQ 1650 drive. It even says 1650 on the box. If you want to be sure open up the box and look at the sticker on the drive which will say 1650. It comes with a beige face plate but there is a black one as well if you want to change it.

I was going to post the link from COMPUSA but they’re restocking their website. Just go to their website at a later time and click on STORE AD. Look under dvd burners.[/b]

Thank you for your fast response. But, I am looking for a black tray inside.

my rebadged philips 1660 (1650) is beige, but has a black tray, i live in the UK but i think they will all be the same.

That is a totally ridiculous statement. :disagree:

What’s with a black tray inside? IMHO the color of a drive has nothing to do with performance. I can see if you’re wanting the drive to match your case if it is black. But to have the tray itself black is kind of odd/funny. :rolleyes:


Newegg very clearly advertises their ‘refurbished’ stuff in the same listing area as the ‘new’ stuff-

They would never achieve their steller www.resellerratings.com ratings if they were sending out their returns as new-

Go ahead and get the 1650 from Newegg - they are reliable, trustworthy and fast - all superior traits in an online vendor IMO-


hmm, but it’s still 50 bucks PLUS tax AFTER the (idiotic) $30 MIR:


in other words, you pay $80 plus tax and THEN wait 3 months for your $30… you decide if it’s worth it (BTW, not for me :Z).


I posted the Compusa sale because he wanted a black 1650 drive and said he didn’t want to order one from Newegg. For me I have no problem waiting for a mail in rebate. Shipping costs from Newegg are high for me so if I can get one locally with a mail in rebate that’s good for me! :stuck_out_tongue: