Where to buy BenQ in the UK?



I am looking for an internal dvd writer at this point, and want either the BenQ 1640 or 1650, whichever is better overall. As far as I’ve seen the BenQ 1640 is discontinued over here in the uk, and i can;t even find the 1650! :sad: Does anyone know any on line retailers where I can order one of these? I want to get the retail version after hearing that OEM drives often have a higher rate of developing faults. Can anyone help me here?

I bought an external sony dvd writer from pixmania in september last year and it seems to have a faulty case, not burning faster than 12x on any media (taiyo, verb etc) and so I am a bit wary of them. Has anyone else here bought a retail writer from pixmania and had any problems??


zebadee once recommended this and I’ll do the same. :slight_smile:


Hi :slight_smile:
BenQ 1650/1655,TechFever , GLTec Special offer retail 1650, ComputerPlanet as well as Komplett (kindly pointed out by pinto2). That should be enough to be getting on with. TechFever folks even keep on eye on things via these very pages & have referred to them when dealing with customer problems.


do these places include the cables or do I have to buy the cables myself if I buy a retail package?


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Just screws & s/w (free LS CDRs with 1655) when retail. Just drive when oem. All the s/w can be downloaded for free. So a pretty box (& no comment about free screws) plus s/w disc, if buying retail. Just drive if not.


so is the story of OEM drives having higher chance of acquiring faults a myth???



As for OEM drives having a higher chance of developing faults …all my drives are OEM (or bulk…except the Litey 1693S, which did indeed have a pretty box etc), and I can honestly say…someone should tell that to my LG4163B, one of my most used drives, and the oldest. :wink:


for 75p more than komplett you can get next day delivery (£36.24) from http://www.burn-media.co.uk/product.php?productid=926273


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It’s my belief that there’s no difference between oem & retail. The exception is that retail tends to be better packaged, so less likely to be damaged in transit (maybe a worthwhile point when ordering online). A recent poll (on cdfreaks) regarding ‘faulty’ 1655s’ gave the impression that oem were more reliable. But in truth the numbers didn’t amount to much & the fact that more folks had bought retail due to availability, meant this would be a likely outcome. The feedback I’ve had from UK retailers would imply that the reliability factor is equal between the two. Failures also being very low. Dealers of course have a vested interest in such figures.(Hence my not quoting any figures).


oh well, got the retail one, cant be bothered to fuss with buying screws/an extra cable etc.


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Most if not all the dealers I’ve referred to, also do next day at no extra cost. :clap: The catch there though is delivered next day it is in terms of despatch date :disagree: . Which may be a couple of days, depending on when processed/picked etc :sad: . Whilst on the topic. I’ve seen/heard of cases where next day was quoted as say £7, saturday as £15. When it comes to it not only are these prices quoted without vat (even though all other costs have included vat). But the saturday £15 is on top off the £7. Once vat is added (£28.85) this means p&p is almost as much if not more than the drive. :a


I ordered the 1650 from techfever.co.uk in the end. It cost me 39 pounds all together(retail as it includes the cables etc), http://www.techfever.co.uk/products.asp?recnumber=3222. I already have nero. Is that an ok deal or did i get ripped off??


i usually order on a saturday so that mucks up the delivery time anyway, not that i mean to order it then, just i feel i need to buy something it ends up being a saturday :bigsmile:


Hi :slight_smile:
Whilst you could’ve saved around £4/5 possibly. The support should you need it (lets hope you don’t) is excellent. I have dealt with these folks & can honestly say that they’ve been great.


I don’t know what cables you expect in the box. The only I think you’ll get is the audio cable & you don’t need that anyway.
I’ve never had a retail pack including an IDE cable if that’s what you expect.


do these BenQ burnes need an 80 core IDE cable ?


Hi :slight_smile:
Good point re cables. In my earlier post (#5) I never mentioned cables. I have 2 1650s & 2 1655s. 1 retail & 1 oem of each. Neither retail 1650 or 1655 had any cables. (As no audio output on the latest BenQs’ audio cable would be a bit pointless). :smiley:
BTW You could always do what I did & buy a Plextor 760 at just over double the amount paid for a BenQ. Then you get a ‘free’ ide cable. :clap: :cool: :bigsmile:


Hi :slight_smile:
Don’t need (unless you crossflash with external f/w, which isn’t currently available for 1650/1655), but is probably a good idea if buying an ide cable anyway.


:bigsmile: :bigsmile: thanks all. This will be my first time installing an internal drive, lets hope the instruction manaul is clear enough. One thing i should have asked before , my desktop is a pentium 3, 964 mhz, 256 ram LOL. this is the minimum requirements stated on the benq website. Will I be able to write at its full dual layer writing speed with my piece of junk? lol. I can just buy an enclosure though cant I if the desktop is too slow cant i?


Hi :slight_smile:
gregtherotterius, you should be OK, without having to resort to external caddies etc. For installation see this. Lthough not a BenQ guide, it’s the Philips version of the same drive.