Where to buy BenQ DW1640 in the UK



Hi all. I’m a Plextor user with a PX-712A. I’m looking for a non-Plextor drive for a change. I think I am going with BenQ after reading this forum and also Lite-On, Pioneer and NEC forums. Mainly becuase of the quality scan capability (I hate having to scan PIE and PIF separately in PlexTools). Then the price (half PX-716A’s) and the burning quality as good as Plextor. Before I actually buy one, I’d like to ask some questions.

  1. Which online shop would you recommend? There aren’t many shops with DW1640. Big shops like www.microdirect.co.uk, www.dabs.com don’t have this model. I had to go through a long list of companies on BenQ website. Only www.ebuyer.com currently has it and also www.spotonuk.com but no retail version in their stock. Does anyone know any other online shops?

  2. Although I have had problems with my Plextor, I enjoy the excellent 2-year Collect-and-Return Service provided by Plextor Europe. Normally, RMA procedure only takes 3 days from the day I submit RMA request to the day I receive a new replacement drive shipped from Brussels to my town via DHL. The good thing is that I don’t even have to send the defective drive back to Plextor. Although they said they might request it to be sent back but I have never actually had to send any back. Even I had to, I still wouldn’t have to pay for the shipping cost. Can someone from the UK tell me if this is also the case for BenQ? If not, what is the RMA procedure like? Is the place I buy the drive relevant? Is the type of the drive (OEM vs retail) relevant? How long is the warranty? In case of a defective drive, would I have to ship a defective drive back at my own expense? Ship back to BenQ or to the shop I bought it from? Would they send me a new drive right away or would I have to wait for weeks for it to be repaired without a BenQ drive to use? Etc.

Any info from BenQ users would be appreciated.



Hi :slight_smile:
Firstly BenQ RMA policy is OK but not as quick as Plextor (7 > 14 days) Depends on dealer as to how RMA works.Some (a few) will do it on your behalf but most tell you to go direct. Often in this case BenQ expect you to pay p & p, however if drive is faulty then they’ll reimburse. Length of warranty is 12 months regardless of retail/oem (I’ve had email from BenQ support to confirm this) Just think you can have 2 1640’s(for the price of the 716) 1 in use 1spare so even if you need to RMA you’ll still have a writer
Secondly the OEM version is more popular in the UK. Whether this is due to availability I’m not sure. Personally I prefer the faceplate of the OEM version.
The only place I’ve seen the retail is here
UNfortunately out of stock.
Best price OEM here


Try this link - hope it works


I have bought 4 BenQ drives from insight - all excellent so have no idea about RMA procedures. I would rather pay extra and not have to deal with stock returned by others


Hi :slight_smile:
At that price it’s no wonder they’ve got 103 in stock. For a couple of pounds more you can get the Plextor 740 & cross flash to a 1640 & have the best of both worlds.( The status that goes with the name of Plextor with the performance of BenQ)

PS. Harry did you get a warranty card with these retail units.


www.wstore.co.uk also have 1640


To me time is money as the saying goes. Including next day shipping I think I paid nearly £50 ( less than the price of a good meal). My experience of the high turnover end of the market is not good. I suspect that there is a high correlation between discounted price and RMAs. I did buy from a major E retailer recently and returned the product immediately as it had clearly be used by someone else. Ever wondered whay happens to all the RMAs ? with some outfits little more than a quick repackaging and out of the door I’m sure.

Did I get a warranty card ? I don’t recall ? I never complete them any way. I don’t think that completing a card adds to my legal rights. If youre dealing with a legit company and there is a fault you should never have any difficulty getting a replacement.

I would expect a drive to have a working life of 6 months to a year and then gather dust on a shelf so they never seem to fail.


I am looking at BENQ to complement my other dvd drives but at £14 more expencive than the other link (same drive btw) no chance …


Hi :slight_smile:
Whilst I appreciate that this practice goes on(recon/returns) this is more likely from maker than dealer & tends not to happen in the early stages of the life of a DVDRW. If a dealer does do this he’s supposed to inform you. I have purchased a total of 20 units (only 4 had problems, 3 of which were down to p & p probs with a certian courier.) All units were new, as were the replacements.
16 units I picked up personally. None of these so far have shown any problems. I have 2, 6 for friends, 12 for a local dealer who not only experienced difficulties getting any, but I was able to get them cheaper.
As I travel about the UK as part of my job no shipping.
Ave cost of unit £27.50

PS. Harry, when I go out for a meal, typical cost £5 inc drink.


A few other places that sell/ship in the UK the 1640 or OEM re-brands like the Plex 740 which you can crossflash to BenQ retail firmware but technically you lose the warranty by doing that.






I received a retail and Oem 1640’s last week from techfever a white retail and a black OEM drive. I must say I prefer the OEM button as it is wider than the retail one which is extremely thin <2mm but long, I personally don’t like this and prefer bigger more postive buttons. I do prefer the retail face plate though as it has more shape to it and not so flat. As already said Retail and OEM both have 1 year warranties. There is no warranty card to fill in, it only tells you to go to the benq website plus gives a phone number which is on the benq website anyway. So for what you get it isn’t worth the extra. All you get is an OEM version of Nero (fairly old 6.3) and benq video some video capture software which is pretty worthless to me. Oh they do include two (2)…yes two screws. How tight can they get?? My case uses drive rails and requires at least four screws but preferably eight. Save your money and get the OEM version.