Where to buy an LG BH12LS35 or BH12LS30

I can’t find anywhere online to buy either of these drives.

I havent seen the 35 but was surprised to get a wrong comparing leaflet from the LG site itself…
What’s the REAL difference???

The 30 is well spread now all over the world.

I can’t find either of these available in the US or even online

Maybe search for WH…

Today I still don’t find any of these drives in Europe.

In Germany only BH10LS30 is available too.
Maybe LG don’t want release BH12 in Europe

The BH12LS35 is available in Asia at least in from one vendor, who is starting the price about $140 USD.

The WH12LS30 is available at Newegg

I just picked up the BH12LS35 over at Frys in San Diego. The regular price is $129.99 but it’s on sale right now for $99.99.

LG BH12LS30 vers van de plank, Retail versie voor 79 euro`s gekocht, vorige week, nu kost de brander 129 euro’s … foutje Mediamarkt? Bedankt …

BH12LS35 is showing 2MB buffer according to above site but cdrlab site showing 4MB why???

It’s got a 4 MB buffer, got my BH12LS35 at BestBuy 6 months ago.