Where to buy a MTK IHAS424 in the UK


I am looking to buy a MTK IHAS424 which I believe needs to have an A after the model number and have the name Liteon and logo Smarerase on the faceplate box picture.

After emailing 6 online suppliers (who have this item in stock) none of them can let me know whether they have the A (MTK) or (Y) NEC version as the drive is shipped ‘direct from their suppliers’ .

I was hoping someone had received an A version recently and could let me know where it was from or equally if anyone had had any recent confirmation from a retailer that their stock was the A version.

Any help would be appreciated.

If you don’t need the Lightscribe function, get a iHAS524 as these are only with MTK chipsets.

Hi jubjubbird,

I already have the 524 which, as you rightly say, is MTK only (due to NEC not supporting labeltag).

The reason I am looking for a true Liteon 424 is I do need Lightscribe . I am also hoping that when the 624 eventually becomes available that the 424 can be crossflashed to a 624 with full functionality.

From what I understand the 424 when crossflashed to a 524 gains labeltag but loses lightscribe whereas a 524 to a 424 gains nothing and loses labeltag.

This suggest that the 424 should, if using 624 firmware, support lightscribe and labeltag whereas the 524 would probably not.

I just wish I had a local store who stocked the 424 - this would be so much easier!

I don’t think the 624 will ever surface. There is one other way round the problem, if you can find an [B]Asus 24B1LT


This link says crossflashing to 424 is doable.

Thanks jubjubbird.

If after a few more days I am still no further forward looks like the Asus could be a good option.

With regard to the 624 you maybe right as it looks like it’s now nearly a year overdue. Can’t really see what the problem is though as if the 424 to 624 assumption is correct all that is needed is firmware.

You can also do away with a Plextor PX-880SA, albeit more likely expensive. Not sure if you can get Memorex, but it seems the MRX-550L is an iHAS424 A clone as well.

So other companies are basically using Liteons MTK chipset drives (which I assume support all Liteon functions and utilities if crossflashed) and are selling them under their own brand name whilst Liteon confuse buyers and retailers by selling both a MTK and NEC (which does not support all Liteon functions and utilities) drive as the same IHAS424 :clap:

Surely a different model number would have been better ?

I think we cdfreaks hoarded all the Liteon clones (Asus 24B1LT, etc.) because they are easier to find, so Liteon can’t produce enough of them. And that’s why they had to buy from NEC :bigsmile:

[QUOTE=keyap;2512388]I just wish I had a local store who stocked the 424 - this would be so much easier![/QUOTE]

I wish you good luck in finding one. Took me forever to find one in the U.S., but I’ve been pleased with it & it’s been well worth the effort in finding one.

This drive does everything I’d want of it (except LabelTag & I hope the IHAS624 firmware surfaces sometime in the future.).

The ASUS DRW-24B1LT seems to be the easiest to find MediaTek Lite-On at the moment. There are plenty of them in the North America, but I’m not sure about availability in Europe.

Got one :bigsmile:

Placed an order over the weekend here http://www.lambda-tek.com/componentshop/index.pl?origin=gbase26.9&prodID=B239028 after seeing a post on another site which confirmed receipt of an ‘A’ model.

The drive arrived today and the Model is an IHAS424-32 A manufactured in December 2009.

I have also read that people have received different faceplates depending on model and mine (from left to right) is completely full with the following logos:-

LITEON, Smarterase, DVD Multi Recorder, Lightscribe, RW DVD+R DL & Compact Disc Rewritable Ultra Speed. This actually differs from the picture on the companies website and strangely enough the picture on the recorder’s box.

The following link shows a picture of what the drive looks like http://www.eworldsale.com/images/products/computer/cd_dvd/AA75678a.jpg

The only thing I would say about trying to find one of these is that most if not all companies appear to not know of the distinction between the A & Y versions and, even if you ask them to let you know which they stock, they probably won’t tell you. With regard to the company I used I actually just took a risk and ordered the drive based on the the post I mentioned earlier.

Hope this help anyone looking for the A model.

The following link shows a picture of what the drive looks like http://www.eworldsale.com/images/products/computer/cd_dvd/AA75678a.jpg [/QUOTE]

That looks exactly like my IHAS424-08. Congratulations!