Where to buy 4x or 8x genuine Taiyo's?

I usually buy from RIMA because I know they sell authentic Taiyo Yuden media, but even though their website lists 8x media, they are out of stock. I do not want the 16 media. Heck, I’d even prefer the 4x if I could still find it, and be assured it was real!

So where else can I get some shiny silver 8x real Taiyo media? I better stock up now.



i usually get them from www.svp.co.uk - big banner here :wink:

they have different types of genuine TY in stock, the service is very cool and they deliver within europe for fair prices …

atm you should get 8x ones, 4x ones have not been in stock there for quite a while - so maybe none are produced any longer.

cheers - ahab

Try Meritline or Supermediastore:


Is it sure that the Supermediastore media is genuine? I never bought any before in a value “wrap”.


The “value line” media is genuine. Supposedly it’s just standard TY stock being sold at cut-rate prices without a cakebox, and can be identified via a double-printed serial number on the hub. People have reported occasionally getting TYG02 or TYG03 when they ordered value line TYG01 discs, which may be good or bad for you depending on what you’re looking for.

Several resellers offer these “value line” discs, and I’m fairly certain they’re prepared as such by Microboards, TY’s US distributor.

You don’t specify that you want -R or +R. Allmediaoutlet.com has +R TY sold as Burnmaster. I have orders hundreds of these; they are genuine TY.

Yes, it is genuine.

Thanks. I just ordered some!