Where to buy 1640P in U.S.?

Ok, so this seems like a really dumb question, but I am looking to buy a black 1640P and can’t find anything. Almost all internet searches point me to .uk sites. Is it being sold here yet? And does it come in black? Is it being rebranded at all? Is there some other part # I should be looking for?

If not, I will probably just buy a 1620 in black(which I found using DW16200C2 part# finally), but do like the look of the LEDs on the 1640 enough to at least consider it first.

Sorry if this has been asked/answered, but I haven’t found anything even in searches… Probably just need to refine my search terms. Thanks for the time.


From what I understand Philips dvd drives are not sold in the US retail. It sucks I know thats a great burner and looks wonderful.
Sure a benq 1620 might be the same but I want those beautiful leds.
Anyway maybe someone knows of a site the will ship to the US but other than that its pretty much no go.

Not sounding good so far…? I’m most likely going to just get a 1620, but if anyone has a vendor that ships to U.S. with a black 1640, please let us know.