Where to Begin

I would like to write my own program for reading of CD’s / DVD’s.
I have quite a few years of programming experience, but no idea of where to start.

The main reason for this is, that I have quite a few discs that have been affected by the weather ( high humidity ). All discs are data discs.
I have been unable to find a program that tells you in which file/path the error occurs. I do not want to loose all the data ( 8.4 GB ) and copying
one file at the time is somewhat tedious. Hence my request.

Thanks, Wim

Hi Willem, welcome to CDFreaks! :slight_smile:

By using the ScanDisc (Read test) in the free Nero CD- DVD Speed program, you can test readability and you’ll also get a list of which files have reading problems (if any).

Example (not showing window frame):

Hello DragonMaster,

Thanks for your reply, I downloaded and ran the software. It shows the surface scan as 98% OK. but the disc quality test was basically one solid error after +/- 50 % of the data had been read. I don’t know how the actual writing is performed, but this seems to indicate that one of the layers is shot.

The DVD was recorded in 2005 and does not show any external damage.
It has not been stored in a “cool and dry place” or exposed to sunlight all the time, just stored in a sleeve. Disc brand RICOH DVD+R DL.

I find it very scary that the data is lost after barely 2 years.

By the way , I am still interested in writing my own low-level CD software.
Any idea where I should start an where to get documentation about disc/drive commands?

Thanks, Wim