Where should I look to read manufacturing place?

I’d like to know where it should be read if a DVD is made in Japan.
I know that probably this has been discussed before, but I can’t find the right ‘search’ terms… can you help me?

If I’m not wrong, it should be stated on the spindle, but I can’t find anything in my TDKs (by the way, are “TdK 002”).

Thanks in advance.


It is somewhere on the label. Look harder! :stuck_out_tongue:
Different brands have the "made in " text in different locations.

Yup, I have yet to see a spindle that didn’t have them labeled. Usually I find them in fine print under the UPC symbol.


The store bought stuff always has the “Made In…” somewhere on the package (believe this is a FTC labeling law)-

However the cakeboxes I get from Rima and Super Media Store have not had the “Made In…” on them-


There is absolutely nothing neither on the cakebox, nor on the paper label (the one around the spindle), nor on the paper disk (the one over the spindle), nor on the trasparent plastic which packed the cakebox, nor on the disks. :frowning:

Besides the standard texts, disks have some hard-to-read codes written on the inner part, both on the front and on the back.

By the way, the Datawrite cakebox is somewhat bigger than usual: it can contain 34 ([EDIT] was 24) disks.


Datawrite isn’t a manufacturer of discs and as such will buy discs from many companies. All depends on what they think is the best compromise of prcie against performance. With this in mind it is unlikely their packs will have any “Made in …” on it as the discs can change from batch to batch.

One of the many lovely tricks that Datashite tries to pull. They change out manufacturers more often than Michael Jackson gets face lifts, and so there is absolutely no telling what you are getting by picking up those discs. Keep in mind that it is the same company that makes Bulqpaq media. In the UK, stick to Ritek/Ridata G04 DVD-R for the price. Taiyo Yuden is the best choice but they are really expensive over there.