Where Links of Skin?



Well, I found like with “NERO ShowTime”, i want change Skin, it is one Default! I want load other Skin of Gallery, where is there? Please give me more Links for Skin!

Best Regard


Never heard of skins to Nero player.


Nero ShowTime makes it possible for you to adjust graphic interfaces.

  • Select skin
    This shows the skins that may be selected for your Nero ShowTime. Click with the left mouse key on a skin and an image will appear in the preview window.
  • Skin folder
    This determines the folder in which your masters are installed.
    Two files are required for a skin to be loaded into Nero ShowTime: A file ending in *.skn (such as Blue_Skm.skn) and an '.bmp file that must have the same name as the associated * skn file (such as Blue_Skm.bmp).