Where is this?

Okay, the name of the game is “Where is this”

Rules: Only 1 guess per post.

You must name:

  1. The local name of the place (in english) if it has one.
  2. The name of the country, whichever is relevant.

I will post A reply when it has been correctly guessed.

The Hole next to the sea with water running through it to the other side


Nope. Try again :stuck_out_tongue:

excellent guess. :bigsmile:

my guess is somewhere in Greece(sorry,can’t be specific as I haven’t been there).


Blue cave, Crete

Fingal’s Cave, Hebrides. (?)

Taken only recently??? Guess Country: New Zealand?

Fraiser Island…Australia.

Euh, New Zealand or Australia … place, no clue.

My backyard?

Judging by the boats, it must be Turkey…

Looks like blue grotto (Zurrieq) on Malta, but my memory tells me that the blue grotto is much larger than the cave on your picture. You have me in limbo here Debro. I will continue my search for the right cave. I am almost certain it is in Turkey but I wont tell anyone where I think it is sneaky sneaky :stuck_out_tongue:

Country…Germany!!! I know thats got to be it

Its probably some little place in NZ that nobody knows about…

I think it’s at an island off of Corfu, can’t remember the name ?

Edit; Paxos or Anti-Paxos ?

Fraser Island is made of sand, sweetie. :wink:

(The largest sand island in the world, actually.)

hee hee well i was thinking he lived in australia…and thats the only place close to the water i could remember… :confused:

but it does look like a place in one of the James Bond movies…

Aye, that he is - about an hour’s drive south of me.

oh no…another aussie…

i feel an aussie borg attack…coming …

hee hee…why did i think you were in the US? oh well no worries mate.