Where is the problem -nec ad-7173

see that ,i used DVD ritek print ,the option labelflash /labelside print is not enable,

labelflash is on but no recognize the media

Is it labelflash media? You must use specific labelflash media to print both sides… you can try printing on the data side of non-labelflash media but it will be very dim.

no ,its ritek print media .i make mistake
one question. can i buy media lightscribe ,to use like labelflash?

Lightscribe has NOTHING to do with Labelflash!

The only available LF media is 16x -R from Fuji with MID RITEKF1.

Fujifilm +R 16x is also available :wink:

Greetings DD24

may i ask where? because i havent seen any +R labelflash media.

@ vroom

you have a PM

Greetings DD24 :wink: