Where is the new clone cd

i went to the elaborate bytes home page and it just says beta21

and no beta30. i downloaded it anyway but it is beta21. does

anyone know why this is:confused:

Probably because of your internet cache. Go to www.elby.org and press and hold CTRL. Now refresh the page. You see the correct page now? Also press and hold CTRL when you click on the download link. Pressing and holding the CTRL button will clear your cache.

Trust me it’s there:


Sorry, guys.
It says beta 30 but after downloading and installing it’s still beta 21. Refreshing didn’t do the trick.

i have just downloaded clonecd beta 30 and it is what it says on the tin clonecd beta 30 you will need to cut down on the tablets

                   cheers   bighun

I see beta 30 …downloaded but still comes up as 21. I held down ctrl as stated but still no luck. Can someone help!!!

try this goto clone cd download page and right click it and select refresh then try downloading it and installing it

it might work :slight_smile:

I tried what NBR said but still no luck!!! Can someone send the file to me?? wakko1717@hotmail.com

Try clearing up your whole history, so all internet files will be gone.
Go Control Panel, Internet Options, Delete Files…

just tried softwareguy and still no luck :frowning: can’t someone just send to me??? aaaahhhhhhh!!!

I just sent to you, I hope that your hotmail account will handle a 2.25 meg file.


Got it now…Thanks for everyones help!!! :slight_smile: I have a feeling the site that you download from had the wrong file(1.87meg) because when I tried this morning it was now a 2.19 meg file.Can happen I guess. Also, Thanks for trying to send the file yesterday VB9999 but as you thought my hotmail couldn’t handle it.Well at least I have it now and all is better :slight_smile:

There is nothing wrong here except for your cache. You actually need to hold the “Shift” key while clicking “Refresh” - this works, believe me. You can also delete your Internet File History to ensure that the updated page is loaded. You can also change your internet settings to force an update for every visit to a page. There are other workarounds but I’m feeling menstrual and can’t be bothered to explain them.

A little bit of java on the elby page wouldn’t go astray either :wink: