Where Is The Music?



Today I bought a Crossfade music CD…I just wanted the song “So Far Away”. Well, It plays fine, but I want to convert the .cda files to .mp3 format (mainly just that one song)…but for some reason I can’t find the music files in the CD! When I explore the CD, it appears that only about 19MB of content is in the CD :a ; but the properties of the CD is listed as 360MB. Somehow they have hidden the music! If the music industry wants to play games I might just go back to P2P file sharing. I guess that’s what I get for trying to be honest and fork over my hard earned money to that greedy industry.

Someone please help:
How can I view the hidden files so I can rip the music???


Well if you get busted for file sharing it could cost you a lot more that to buy the CD so you will be handing over a lot more of you hard earned money to that greedy Industry

Try and use a program like “ Easy CD-DA Extractor” or FreeRIP and rip the whole CD and then just keep the song you want it should work that way.


sounds like a mixed-mode cd or cd-extra cd. only the data files will appear in explorer if it is. as above, use a cd audio ripper app.




Yes, it is a cd-extra cd. I used a program called Feurio 1.68…it may not have been the best program to use, but it did the trick. :bigsmile: