Where is the movie

Hi, as I am new to this forum, i’ll probably have a stupid problem too, but it really sucks:
I wrote a .bin file, that was supposed to become a movie: Brother Bear.
After I wrote my cd, i just checked what i had burned; now it turned out to be that there was no movie to be found, in stead, i saw 5 folders, named; 'CDI, ; 'EXT, ; 'MPEGAV, ; 'SEGMENT, and 'VCD, …
Now, in the folder 'MPEGAV, a enormously large file is to be found ( i suppose this could be part of the movie (782 megs)
Now, my question is, how do i get the movie out of this shit ?
thnx for your help guys:bow:

I think you created yourself a VCD.
In the MPEGAV should be the file that you can play in your media player.

Check your original disc to see what it was there, see if it came out the same.

Hold shift and right click on the huge file, Go to open with…
It will bring up a menu of what you want to open the file with,
Choose media player. It should open the movie file and start playing …

thnx a lot, the expl. from cloakdoa was exact, to all the others, thnx anyway !!