Where is the love?

BM, I have no boss, eh?

Not in this thread, that’s for sure.

That’s my love for more than two years now! And where she is? She is @ her work…

And to make it more complex… She is also my boss. Beside our regular work, we started a software company (www.mxxm.nl) this year. And because of the taxes, it was better to make her my boss…

Isn’t she a beautiful boss?

Hell yes. If i had such a boss i’d never leave work :slight_smile:


You’ve a beautiful woman euh I mean boss. :bigsmile:

Thank you gentlemen!

Noooooooooo, thank you!!

Personal question!!

How old is your lady?
Is the pic above taken recently??

The beauty is 35 and yes the pic is recently. The pic was published in January on the website from our company (www.mxxm.nl).

I have the feeling that it wasn’t a bad idea… :wink:

I met her two years ago. And she is the first woman that I really love. Before I didn’t believe in love at first sight. But when we saw each other for the first time (in my favourite pub!) we must have looked for more than a minute without blinking the eyes.

In real live she is even more beautiful then you might judge from the picture. She is a very very stylish lady with a lot of brains. She let me wait / fight / do my best for more than three months before I was allowed to kiss her! And that did the trick. When you have to work that hard, then it must be something special.

As I said, my first real love (I am 37 now!). I can’t explain how much I love her. And after two years, there still are nights that I don’t sleep any longer than three or four hours. I want to talk, look and make love with her as much as possible for the rest of my live. Sleeping is a waste of time with her!

In less then five hours I meet her again!

She looks great. :iagree:

Start counting. :wink:



Wish I had a boss THAT good looking - eh?


BM, that might be a strain on your health, eh? :wink:

Yo issie2-

Ya - but what a way to go - eh - Bra?

I believe that would be one of the best ways, for sure, eh?