Where is the love?

Rules are, quick fix, Tel me your problem (I’m not going to respond), sombody respont, simple problems, simple solutions. This is a your boss is an asshole thread plus… My boss is great5, and his boss was great, and I sti;ll didn’t get promotged.

What do you love, what do you hate. Who do you love??? Who do you hate…

Final answer (your life isn’t perfect…
What causes you pain…
Ok fine, your gripes, your bitches, your I have hade enough, enonomous, rage, or just bitch about something pety and simple, that bugs you!@!!!
jjust do it…

Bitch,Bitch,Bitch. There, just warming up.

Dont just warm up, what gets you rialed, or what do you put up with every day that might as well be hell… Feel free to bitch about it here. Your boss is a potentially major friggin aSSHOLE!!!
I have been unfairlly passed up for promotion to the point that Icould sue, but it wouldn’t work, since this companie is based on retardation…
I could prabaly murder half of my bosses , and most of my underlingts, and nobody would notice…Its not in the monthly report, so you still have a job (even though you publiclly admited you were going to blow up every store in the state, and youe did, and yu are in prisson, but you are my boss and I should obey you, cause it tskes a while to change the paper work…

So we all love our bosses???

My boss is ok.

My boss is ok too, but he just got fucked over the same way I did. He was up for a job (from store manager to reginal director. So the fucking is complete, he has spent the last few months, training the regional director, so he spends the last two months doing his job, training a person that doesent know shit, how to do what you have a few ywears experience doing…We have dicused this as the last two (the manager picked a female and gave a quadrupal promotion from stocker to manager
(since managers mostly stock), unfortunatlly, managers have other responsibilities…
Edit, that didn’t make much sence, from a corperate perspective, I cpould just sue my company. They are as half ass as I am and god damn if if Couldn’t prove extreme and severe discrimination, cause3 I wasn’t female and completlly incompetent and utterly unqualified…

It suck trainint somoene to do the job you already know how to do, twice, and twice, they proved to be incompetent and got fired.

after a severe back injurie, I took this job… I just havent regained my strength.

Yep, live’s a bitch.

I’m gonna lunch, bye. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yea, life really is a bitch. I’m almost at the point that I could sue (its a corperation after all), so one manager fucks me over, the next loves me, but hes geting moved from our store, after training our new regional manager, who took his promotion…

No sweat leving but,

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'm gonna lunch, bye.
You in Australila???

I really thought everybody knew I’m living in The Netherlands. :iagree:

While I live in the US, I enjoy online chatter with others, and really don’t pay atention to who is from where. Politics aside, are we really that diffrent??? Most of our diffrences are probably political diffrences, so if they are political, fuck it, why not leave it to the polititions? You know, people who are paid to lie (don’teven pretend that yur polititions are golden aned honest, it doesent matter what fucking country, politititions are liars, but who gives a shit when I can talk to cool people all over the world that are not polititions!!!
Could I have even typed or spelled worse (to lasy to edit).

It was for this exact reason I left the retail industry 5 years ago.

Probably not. :disagree:
Drunk again? :rolleyes:

No actually now I am hungover, lol…

Yo ripper-

Can always tell when y’all are in your cups Bra-

Sounds like me when I left Corporate America to become self employed 15 years ago - eh?


BM, do you hate your boss? :wink:

Yo issie2-

I AM my boss :iagree:


^ Yeah, I knew that. Just pulling your leg, eh? :slight_smile:

^Has a boss? - Naw - Is Related To Bill Gates - eh?