Where is the GSA-H10N...?

When is it supposed to arrive? And why are there no threads about it :confused:

It is already sold in Japan as IO-DATA and BUFFALO-branded drives. Probably means 1-2 months until it shows up in Canada and the US.

1-2 months!!! :a

It’s only a guess, based on the fact that a large U.S. distributor doesn’t list it as on-order from LG yet. In fact, they are still swamped with 4167Bs… 873 beige and 54 black in stock this morning.

4163B and 4167B were both available in Canada 2-3 weeks before the U.S., so, watching Richmond, BC based stores like ncix.com and shopap.com might be helpful again.

alright, thanks…

BTW, why am I not being emailed when my subscribed threads are updated?