Where is the dvdfab decrypter



New to the forum but not the product. Here is what is going on. I open DVDfab gold 5030, pop in my dvd to back up, it lists it as source i change my destination folder hit go and it seems like it copies to my harddrive. When its finished I put in blank dvd to copy, hit go and again it seems like it copies but disc doesn’t work in dvd player. Before I had two seperate programs DVDFab and DVDfab decrypter. Now the only way I can find the decrypter is to uninstall my program and then reinstall it. Screen pops up says to enter register code or use decrypter. If I enter register code I can’t find the decrypter anymore.

Is there anyway I can get both without having to Uninstall?


I think if you have a v4 of HDDecrypter and v5+ of Gold/Platinum installed they will coexist, but there is no way I know (or understand the need) to access v5 of HDDecrypter and Gold or Platinum.


dvdfab gold is dvdfab decrypter, with added compression and vso burn engine into one program.

after you rip the disc to hard drive select write data on the left side.

or alternatively what most users do:

insert source dvd, set destination as dvd burner, choose your dvd to dvd mode (main movie), click next, click start.

if you have one dvd drive then you will need to insert a blank disc when dvdfab request. or if you have two drives then you can use one drive as source and the other as destination.

please read the official guide for dvdfab.

please feel free to ask more questions if you need help.