Where is the CCD support for BlindWrite?

I have heard a lot of thing about BlindWrite including that it can read CDs to many image formats, including CCD. But lo and behold, I see no option for reading my CDs to CCD format… Yes, I know it can WRITE to CCD but why not read? Please help, is it something they took out of the later versions (I have heard that BlindWrite was split into two separate programs for the earlier versions), or something I’m missing?

Yes, Blindwrite 5 can write CCD images, but when making an image of a CD they force you to use their b5t/b5i format.

BW4 let you choose between BWT/BWS/BWI or BIN/CUE/SUB or ISO when making an image of a CD, but it didn’t support CCD at all.

I realised it could write the CCD format, but I remember someone saying that they read their images (to the ccd format) using Blindread (which does not exist anymore) and burnt them with CloneCD.