Where Is The Best Place Online To Get Maxell MIJ?

Just wondering where the best and most reliable place online to get hard to find Maxell MIJ?


Is there a specific reason you are looking for them? TY gives most people just as good results and is a lot more common. I haven’t seen any sites advertising MIJ Maxell media, bulk or otherwise. If you buy Maxell cakes you’ll probably get MIT unless it’s older stock. Also, if you really want MXL then you might want to post what speed media you are looking for.


In general (not online), is the Maxell MIJ considered hard-to-find?

The Walmarts I’ve been in have boatloads of the MIJ stuff (jewel cases, spindles, +R, -R) mixed in with the MIT. Of course, it’s not cheap unless it’s on sale.

(I picked up a 3-pack of -R in jewel cases for $2.97 last time I was in there to try out, since I’d never used Maxell before)

Look for Maxell Plus DVD-R media. Also, I haven’t heard of any of the Maxell inkjet printable media being anything but MIJ Hitachi-Maxell.