Where is the best (CHEAPEST) place to buy CDRs?

Little help people???

where is the best place to buy CDRs???

By that i mean the cheapest!!!any sites???


from where are you?
i dont know the whole world

London?????but whats that to do wiv my question????

anyone???little help please

and dont say my nearest shop…coz i know you can get um cheaper???

so???can anyone give me a site to go to …please!!!


You can try to find an online shop on the internet!

Or maybe you can ask a cd dealer, sometimes thay sell cdr!

The Unforgiven

yeah …but i woz just wondering if anyone had any good sites for cheap CD-Rs???


anyone…come on …iknow u know!!!

thankzs in advance!!!

try www.opussupplies.nl

thankz for the help...but the sites not written in English

So …not much good to me…thankz anyway

Anyone else know any sites for cheap CD’Rs???..please

not avin much luck!!!

thankz in advance!!!

sorry man, don’t know london

come on …i still hav’nt got a good site!!!

if you know poast it NOW!!!


Hey I have never dealt with this site before, but the cheapest around for right now that I found is http://www.direct411.com/,I say this because right now they are having a special on 8x cd-r 50 pack media with spindle case for $16.00, I don’t know how much that is in English pounds. I hope this helps you

London???but whats that to do wiv my question???
thankz for the help…but the sites not written in English

Just search in a national search machine. Shipping costs from abroad countries are rather high. Those extra costs make it almost impossible to get cheaper cd-r from other countries. ( Or you have to order in VERY VERY large quantities )

Just for your interest: in Holland a cd-r costs about $1,00 - $1.50

Here in the usa (comp Usa) has a special for 100pack 8x cdrs for $30us thats 3 cents a cd.

ceeme???have you got that site again…coz the 1 you gave is a broken link!!!

For some reason the address got mixed with my reply. Here is the address again, http://www.direct411.com/ I hope that this helps you. If for some reason it does it again the address is Http://www.direct411.com , you might have to do this manual. see ya later Red Bull

Try these sites:


I quite like the svpcommunications as it is UK based.