Where is the answer ! heh,

howdy folks,

I am new to using dvdfab, So far the software is really good but I need to help to work out a problem I am having, now I have done some running around here and the only answer was “use VCL player” which is all good and well if you don’t use wmp to view it all in :smiley:

what I want to do is to convert the dvd’s down to a smaller size Aprox 2.3 - 3.5gig but I want the surround audio as well, now using the Generic mode works well the picture is good but I get no audio using the generic.avi.xvid.audiocopy which I belive is the only one that will give me my surround ?

now the file plays fine with audio in vcl but not in wmp which I need to use. So if anyone knows of a fix or a thread that shows how to over come this that I have not found please let me know,

also I am using the vista codec pack to take care of my codec’s which has ffshow and ac3 in it.

thanks for your help in the matter and I really hope that there is a way to fix this as so far its good software.

Well I would have installed the latest FFDshow before installing any codec pack…It’s now vista compatible…
I love my DVDFab Plat…However I use FairuseWizard (druid’s version)for my Xvid backups,works on both my vista laptop and XP desktop…WMP plays the avi/xvid file just fine in vista, although I prefer VLC which is "good and well "for me…I’m also going to install AutoGK on my Vista lappy as I love that prog for Xvid’s as well…But perhaps other members can help with your Fab generic mode audio issue…good luck!..

I have had excellent luck with my ZEN M using the generic Decoder in DVDFab using AVI/MP3 settings and 740 by 440 Res. compressed to about 900MB to 1GB! Also up the soundtrack level to 150% is a must too! :wink: