Where is Socrates007?



With the new U9 firmware now around the bend, is he doing his duty as a Guinea pig tester for the new Firmware?


And daniel ?
Whu did he stop writing back ?


The rumour goes that Sorates007 has been taken to the hospital and he’s in bad condition. He’s suffering from serious head- and burning wounds.

He was testing the new firmware with all the new goodies when the accident happend. He was so excited when just finnishing a burn within 4 minutes…only things was that smoke was comming out of the drive and the smell was horrible.

Well… trying to peak through the drivetray to get a glimp of what was going on he got banged against his head by the drivetray when ejecting the tray. The disk popped out of the tray. and trying to catch the fresh burned disk he got burned both his hands.

Benq says this will delay the approvement of the new firmware by 14 days.

Well…it could have happend…with just a little bit of imagination. :wink:


dude…your not right. Freaked me out for a second there.


cor808, LOL. Now what happen to daniel, and mac, sen, and elee who all got u9?


I’ve heard they all were on a 6 weeks cruise with the U boat. They got lots and lots of media spindels to test. Being at see, on a cruiseship Benq want to overcome that the new firmware leaks out.

It must be a hard job testing the new firmware on a luxurous cruiseship with swimmingpool, private cinema and lots of entertainment somewhere floating in the caribbean see. Yeh… it’s a dirty job but somebody got to do it.

Question is,…how long can those testers survive in such difficult circumstances.
Let us pray for them. Haleeeeeeeeeelujaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


darn…we are enjoying our selves too much