Where is RIPIT?

Did I miss his post?

Stay tuned

Is this what your looking for???


When someone donates his time and effort for free - and has a job and family - at Christmas time - then waiting [I]silently[/I] is the ‘mode de jour’ -eh!

I here ya Mike, but its the Holidays and he deserves a break. :clap:

Yo Alan-

Isn’t that what I said-eh?


Here is a good buy with a $10 off $40 coupon!

Office Depot brand +R media is $19 per hundred/so thats$15 per hundred with the coupon.

It is Mike. I just wanted to reiterate it. :doh:

Ripit stated last week that there would be a 50/50 chance his Saturday Evening Post (pun intended) would be late due to work constraints. I’m confident that he’ll turn up though as he takes his bargain hunting seriously.

just so all you freaks know…he sneaking down here to give me my offical birthday shag…so cut him some slack…:wink:

Lucky guy.

yeah too bad i only have one birthday a year :wink:

Lucky girl. I have 6 more years of Pon’far to endure! :eek:

official birthday shag…haha… nice way

this is going to be my last one…I’m 29 this year…next year we just add the AND HOLDING part to it! :bigsmile:

Dibs on her “Unbirthday”

I had to work a mid shift this week so ads are going to be pretty late. Because of that, I am going to post media only first to get it out earlier, then the rest of the ads later (shouldn’t take too long for just the media). verbatims sl and 8x dl on sale by the way. (at least that my official excuse, hey SS, sshhhh, its a secret).

Good news for next week though, I work the evening shift so ads will be out early.

Suggest closing as Ripit is now on-line.


jeff they won’t close the thread…but good suggestion :wink: